Head of Laboratory: Doctor of Biological Sciences Rubtsov Vasily Vasilyevich

The Laboratory traditionally performs biogeocenological studies covering elements of carbon, water and nitrogen cycles; production process as well as description of structure and functions of forest communities and their units. The main areas of research are: diversity and genesis of forest soils, forest typology, history of biogeocenosis development, impact of human economic activities on the forest, bioproductivity, gas exchange of forest vegetation and soils; biodiversity of woody-shrubby and herbal tiers, mushrooms, lichens, phyllophages; interaction of petiole oak with phyllophages.

NameAcademic degreeAcademic titlePost
Rubtsov Vasily VasilyevichDoctor of Biological SciencesSenior researcherLaboratory head
Molchanov Alexander Georgiyevich
Doctor of Biological SciencesSenior researcherLead researcher
Muchnik Eugenia EduardovnaDoctor of Biological SciencesAssociate professorLead researcher
Kaplina Natalya FedotovnaCandidate of Biological SciencesSenior researcherSenior researcher
Utkina Irina AnatolyevnaCandidate of Biological SciencesSenior researcherSenior researcher
Gopius Yuri Alexandrovich  Engineer
Molchanova Tatiana Gattovna  Engineer

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