The ILAN Scientific Library is part of the Library of Natural Sciences (BEN RAS). The library fund includes 51 thousand storage units – classic publications on forestry, monographs on forest ecology, dendrology, soil science, geobotany, zoology, hydrology. Domestic and foreign biological journals on the profile of the institute are represented quite adequately.

The pride of the library is a detailed thematic and authorial catalog for all sections of forestry and related sciences.

Library staff periodically publish the “Index of the work of scientific staff of the Institute of Forestry RAS”. At the moment, material has been prepared for 2002-2008.

The library is located in the main building of the institute in Uspensky. The right to service in the library are readers of BEN RAS. The head of the library is Tatyana Alekseevna Medvedeva. Information on access to electronic journals on the BEN RAS website: