Scientific direction (speciality)
06.00.00 – Biological sciences (03.02.08 – Ecology)
35.00.00 – Agriculture forestry and fishery (06.03.02 – Forestry, forestry, forest inventory and forest management)

Reception rules (Reception rules file).
The minimum number of points for the specialty exam is 3 points.
Entrance examination program for speciality Ecology.
Entrance examination program for speciality Forestry, forestry, forest management and forest inventory.

Postgraduate application.

For 2020/2021 academic year IFS RAS has 2 places at the account of budgetary appropriations of the federal budget on programs of training of scientific and pedagogical personnel in full-time postgraduate studies in the following directions:

06.00.00 – Biological sciences – 1 place;
35.00.00 – Agriculture, forestry and fisheries – 1 place.

Results of entrance examinations

Orders for admission

Information is prepared

Kateryna Mikhailovna Khrapovitskaya, Head of the Postgraduate Department.
Phone: +7 (909) 632-53-82
Address: 21, Sovetskaya St., Uspenskoe village, Odintsovo region, Moscow region.
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