The procedure for sending scientific and pedagogical workers to doctoral studies
An employee who carries out pedagogical and/or scientific (research) activities in a forwarding organization may be sent to the doctorate. The forwarding organization within 10 days after making a decision on sending an employee to a doctorate, shall submit to IFS RAS an application for the participation of the employee in the competitive selection. The application should be signed by the head of the sending organization and certified by the seal of the sending organization (if any). The document confirming the employee’s compliance with the requirements of the doctorate of IFSRAS and the list of scientific achievements, signed by the head of the forwarding organization and certified by the seal of the forwarding organization should be sent to ILAN RAS. The decision on possibility of preparation of dissertations is accepted at session of Academic council IFS RAS.

Requirements to employees:
An employee must have:
a) a candidate of science degree or a degree obtained in a foreign state, recognized in the Russian Federation, the holder of which is granted the same academic and/or professional rights as the candidate of science in the Russian Federation;
b) pedagogical and/or scientific work experience of at least 5 years;
c) work experience in the sending organization not less than 1 year;
d) scientific achievements confirmed by the list of works published in peer-reviewed scientific publications and (or) patents for inventions, utility model patents (certificates), design patents, patents for breeding achievements, certificates of state registration of programs for electronic computers, databases, topologies of integrated circuits registered in accordance with the established procedure;
e) plan for the preparation of the dissertation.

Duration of stay in doctoral studies and monthly payments
The preparation of the dissertation is carried out within the period of up to three years. The forwarding organization makes monthly payments to the doctorate candidate in the amount equal to one-time minimum wage.

Doctoral training process
The Academic Council of IFS RAS, after signing the contract, approves the individual plan of the doctorate candidate, agreed with the scientific consultant (in case of his appointment). The Academic Council annually hears the report of the doctorate candidate on the implementation of his individual plan and issues a report to the doctorate candidate for submission to the forwarding organization.

The doctoral candidate has the right:
a) use libraries, information resources, laboratory equipment and other funds and resources of IFS RAS;
b) to participate in scientific research of IFS RAS on the topic of the dissertation;
c) to perform other actions stipulated by the Treaty.

The Doctoral candidate is obliged:
a) carry out scientific research and prepare a dissertation in accordance with an individual plan;
b) perform the individual plan in due time;
c) report annually to the Academic Council of IFS RAS on implementation of the individual plan;
d) perform other duties stipulated by the Treaty.

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