Head of Laboratory: Candidate of the agricultural sciences Glazunov Yuri Borisovich

Study of biological productivity of forest phytocoenoses and carbon sequestration;

Study of natural and anthropogenic dynamics of fungal biota, the role of fungi in the formation of forest biogeocenoses;

Study of soil algae of forest biogeocenoses and influence of anthropogenic factors on algae.

NameAcademic degreeAcademic titlePost
Glazunov Yuri BorisovichCandidate of the agricultural sciencesSenior researcherLaboratory head, principal researcher
Merzlenko Mikhail DmitrievichDoctor of the agricultural sciencesProfessorPrincipal researcher
Storozhenko Vladimir GrigorievichDoctor of Biological SciencesSenior researcherPrincipal researcher
Gulbe Anastasia YakovlevnaCandidate of Biological Sciences Deputy director for science, senior researcher
Yermolova Lyudmila SergeyevnaCandidate of Biological SciencesSenior researcherSenior researcher
Deryugin Anatoly AlexandrovichCandidate of the agricultural sciencesSenior researcherSenior researcher
Kolganikhina Galina BorisovnaCandidate of Biological SciencesSenior researcherSenior researcher
Melnyk Peter Grigorievich
Candidate of the agricultural sciencesAssociate professorSenior researcher
Rybakova Natalya AlekseevnaCandidate of the agricultural sciencesSenior researcherSenior researcher
Gulbe Yakov IvanovichCandidate of Biological Sciences Researcher
Tatarnikov Dmitry ViktorovichCandidate of Biological Sciences Researcher
Tatiana Anatolyevna Gulbe  Researcher
Tishkov Artem Sergeyevich  Junior researcher
Miller Lubov Petrovna  Junior researcher
Zasadnaya Vera Alexandrovna  Laboratory assistant

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