Head of Laboratory: Doctor of Biological Sciences Glukhova Tamara Vladimirovna 

Assessment of the scale of the Russian marshlands, their diversity and the carbon pool enclosed in peatlands, assessment of the manifestation of the biosphere role of the marshes in atmospheric CO2 sequestration and water accumulation.

Study of the structure and functioning of marsh biogeocenoses on the basis of full-scale stationary, including year-round, observations.

Study of poorly studied ecosystem consequences of different use of swamps (peculiarities of fires during hydromelioration, drainage of swamp forests, beaver settlement on forest drainage channels, greenhouse gas emission during peat extraction, etc.).

NameAcademic degreeAcademic titlePost
Vompersky Stanislav EduardovichDoctor of Biological SciencesRAS academicianRAS adviser, professor
Sirin Andrey ArturovichDoctor of Biological SciencesSenior researcherDirector
Smagina Marina ValentinovnaCandidate of Biological Sciences Deputy director for science
Glukhova Tamara Vladimirovna Candidate of Biological SciencesSenior researcherLaboratory head
Glagolev Mikhail VladimirovichCandidate of Biological Sciences Lead researcher
Tsyganova Olga Prokofievna  Researcher
Suvorov Gennady GennadievichCandidate of Biological Sciences Researcher
Medvedeva Maria AndreyevnaCandidate of Biological Sciences Researcher
Ilyasov Danil Viktorovich  Junior researcher
Valiayeva Natalia Alekseevna  Research engineer
Zaznobin Peter Yurievich  Senior laboratory assistant

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