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Institute of Forest Science, Russian Academy of Sciences (ILAN)
Address: Sovetskaya 21, Uspenskoe, Moscow region, 143030 Russia

Director – Prof. Sirin, Andrey Arturovich

Tel./fax: +7 (495) 634-52-57


Institute of Forest Science was established in 1958 by V.N. Sukachev. It is a state research organization subordinated to the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS). In European part of Russia the Institute of Forest Science RAS is a leading scientific centre in the fields of basic forest ecology and biology. The Institute has a total staff of ca. 110 people, 44 of which are research officers, including 11 Full Professors.

The main research centre is located in Uspenskoe, Moscow region. In European Russia the Institute has 5 forest field stations and 2 experimental forestry enterprises, that cover different vegetation zones and forest sites from Northern taiga (Arkhangelsk region) to Southern taiga (Yaroslavl, Tver, Moscow regions) and to broad-leaved oak forests (Voronezh region) and forest shelterbelts in the semi-desert (Volgograd region and Kalmykiya). A special research station in Tver region was established for peatland forestry and hydrology investigations. Many special research forests are situated in nature conservation areas.

The Institute of Forest Science RAS is a leading expert in: (1) biodiversity in forests, forest species biology and ecology; (2) forest classification and conservation problems; (3) forest phytopathology and mycology, condition monitoring; (4) pools and flows of carbon in forest mire ecosystems; (5) shelterbelt planting in arid zones; (6) stand dynamics and successions under the climate change. The Institute also does research in the fields of ecophisiology, soil science, pest control, and non-wood forest uses. Research is organized in problem-oriented projects supported by INTAS, Russian Foundation for Basic Research, Russian Ministry of Natural Resources, Russian Forest Agency. 

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Тел.: +7 (495) 634-52-57.
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